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Tumorimeter and RECIST Caliper/Calculator

The Tumorimeter is a patented device for measurement of tumor surface area (e.g. skin lesions, pulmonary nodules, lymph nodes, soft tissue, and abdominal masses), liver span, finger knuckle cross sectional area, EKG measurements, testicle cross sectional area, general linear measurements. Especially of interest to oncologists, general surgeons, urologists, pulmonologists, rheumatologists, cardiologists, internists, pediatric physicians, radiologists, and nuclear medicine physicians RECIST Caliper and Calculator measures tumor size using RECIST guidelines which are displayed on the device. A mini electronic calculator is attached to the device to help the oncologist calculate the RECIST tumor measurement.

Body Surface Area, Creatinine Clearance,
and Dosing Calculators

Slide rule devices that are specially designed for a specific drug to meet its dosing and administration guidelines. These are inexpensive, easy to use, functional devices that fit into a physicians coat pocket.

Staging Systems

On the backside of many of our Dosing Calculators are specific staging systems appropriate to the specific indications of the particular drug. These specialized, easy to use calculators include trademarked TNM staging systems for breast, colon, lung, melanoma, pancreatic, and prostate cancers, the FIGO staging system for ovarian cancer, the Rai and Benet staging systems for CLL and FAB staging system for ANLL and ALL.

Risk Assessment Calculators

Validated and published slide rule risk assessment devices (Melanoma and Prostate) which determine probability of survival given a set of well documented clinical and laboratory parameters.

Quality of Life Calculators

Cancer Technologies in conjunction with Dr. David Cella (Northwestern University Center on Outcomes, Research and Education) have developed and produced quality of life calculators which use the FACT instrument developed and validated by Dr. David Cella to calculate a quality of life score for patients being treated for specific cancers. This patient self assessment device gives an immediate total score after the patient has answered the questions which can be recorded, on the chart and viewed over time for increases or decreases in quality of life.

Appointment Finder

This easy to use device helps the nurse or physician set up weekly, biweekly, or monthly patient appointments. It can rapidly determine appointments for up to a year in advance. Nurses in a practice setting place a great value on this device. The backside can contain, body surface area or dosing calculator, a staging system, or risk assessment device. The Appointment wheel can be attached to a board with educational or promotional information that hangs on a wall in a office setting.

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